Automatic sprinklersSafety First provides service to all types of sprinkler systems including wet, dry, pre-action, deluge and fire pumps. We service and maintain all auxillary equipment such as backflow preventers, fire hydrants, standpipe systems. A brief description of an annual sprinkler system inspection is listed below.

  • Safety First will inspect, test and confirm operation of the complete sprinkler system.
  • Test all riser and field devices including tamper switches, low pressure switches, pressure type water flow switches and vane type water flow switches
  • Complete water flow system activation by opening the inspectors test valve “ITV” on each system.
  • Complete a main drain flow test to confirm the water supply to the building and flush the lines.
  • Check the operation of the water motor gong, 110 volt electric bell and the excess pressure pump and accessories.
  • Complete a visual inspection of the entire building to confirm coverage and installation.
  • Complete an inspection report detailing all equipment, devices and the result of the inspection and testing.
  • Complete a report on all deficiencies, remarks and recommendations for the system tested.5

Sprinkler system Inspections- Code Reference- O.F.C. Section 6 and NFPA # 13 & 2