Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm System Inspections- Code Reference O.F.C. Section 6 and CAN/ULC-S536.

Safety First will inspect, test and confirm operation of the complete fire alarm system.

  • Test all fire alarm panels, pull stations, heat detectors, smoke detectors, duct smoke detectors, bells, horns and strobes.
  • Complete sensitivity testing on all smoke detectors.
  • Test all sprinkler devices including tamper switches, low pressure switches, pressure type water flow switches and vane type water flow switches.
  • Test the main panel, perform battery load testing to confirm code compliance.
  • Test all ancillary and auxiliary devices.
  • Test connections to monitoring system.
  • Complete an inspection report detailing all equipment, devices and the result of the inspection and testing.
  • Complete a report on all deficiencies, remarks and recommendations for the system tested.

In the event of a fire, the function of a Fire Alarm System is to:

  • Notify building occupants to evacuate,
  • Report the event to an off-premises location (monitoring company) in order to contact emergency services to respond
  • Prepare the associated systems such as a sprinkler system or detectors to control the spread of a fire and smoke

A Fire Alarm system is composed of:

  • Initiating devices which are either:

– manually actuated (pull station, break glass station)
– automatically actuated (smoke detector, heat detector, carbon monoxide detector, infra red detectors)

  • Notification devices (bells, horns, horns with strobe, speakers).