Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Server-rooms clean agent suppression systems

Server rooms clean agent suppression systems

Clean agent suppression systems provide early detection and suppression of fires for sensitive environments where property or equipment can be damaged from other suppression agents.

Clean agent systems are ideal for protection of a server room or cabinet or a whole floor of a building. Occupied spaces are safe for humans which makes this an exceptional option over Carbon Dioxide Systems.

  • Server Room
  • Server Cabinet
  • Telecom
  • Museum
  • Data Storage

Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems

Flammable Storage Fire Suppression

Flammable Storage Fire Suppression System

Carbon Dioxide suppression systems provide a clean agent that is industry proven for over 50 years, practical uses include industrial processes, dip tanks, turbine rooms and electrical devices of all types. Systems can be installed using a number of detectors providing exceptional detection.

Inter-connection to our specialty alarm release panels provide total protection with visual and audible notification of alarms. These systems can be set up with a main and a reserve set of agent bottles to enable the system to be placed back on line in the least amount of time.

  • Industrial equipment
  • Dip tank
  • Turbine rooms
  • Electrical devices

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

turbin-room industrial hasard system

Turbine room industrial hazard system

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems constitute an economical and practical solution for all fire situations where water and liquid fire suppression agents cannot be used. Monoammonium phosphate is suggested for class ABC fires and sodium bicarbonate for class BC fires. Dry chemical systems operate by forming a thick layer on the surface of the fire source thus stopping combustion by cutting the oxygen flow.

We offer a large selection of dry chemical fire suppression systems for a wide variety of applications ranging from locations with paint spray booths, chemical storage rooms with volatile or flammable materials to facilities with mechanical, electrical or industrial equipment. Detection can be basic (mechanical fusible links or electric Fenwal heat detectors)

  • Paint spray booth
  • Chemical storage rooms with volatile/ flammabale materials
  • Facilities with mechanical, electric or industrial equipment
  • Flammable storage areas